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China Minsheng Trust and Wanda Commercial Properties Enter into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement


On the morning of December 30, 2016, China Minsheng Trust Co., Ltd. and Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd. entered into a strategic cooperation agreement. Mr. Lu Zhiqiang, Chairman of China Oceanwide Holdings Group, and Mr. Wang Jianlin, Board Chairman of Wanda Group, attended the signing ceremony. Mr. Zhang Bo, Vice-chairman and President of China Minsheng Trust, and Mr. Liu Zhaohui, Vice-president of Wanda Group, officially signed the strategic cooperation agreement on respective behalf of the two parties.

Under the framework of the cooperation agreement, China Minsheng Trust will enter into a long-term strategic partnership with Wanda Commercial Properties on the basis of equality, mutual trust and complementary advantages, which will be a positive practice of China Minsheng Trust in the physical asset management sector and an important measure of Wanda Commercial Properties to realize the “Asset-light Strategy.”

Since 2015, China Minsheng Trust has explicitly put forward the market positioning of “investment, investment bank, asset management, financing, and wealth,” and exerted every effort to improve the abilities of independent investment, asset management and wealth management under the context of the overall transformation of the trust industry. In 2016, the company made initial achievements in transformation and innovation, and realized satisfactory performance in investment, investment bank, asset management, etc., wining extensive recognition by regulatory authorities and the industry in terms of the direction and achievement of transformation.

At the annual meeting of China’s trust industry in 2016 that just came to an end, Yang Jiacai, Assistant to Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission(CBRC), first put forward the eight categories of the trust business including equity trust, creditor’s right trust and property trust, of which the main investment objects of the property trust is immovable property. China has a stock real estate market worth trillions of yuan. This strategic cooperation with Wanda Commercial Properties was a solid step of China Minsheng Trust in the real estate investment field, as well as an active exploration in the property trust business. In the future, China Minsheng Trust will cooperate with Wanda Commercial Properties to make investments in high-quality real estate, achieve mutual benefits, and provide investment options with stable earnings and great potential for value increment for investors, based on both parties’ professional financial service abilities and real estate investment & operation abilities.