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Strategic investment is an important business segment of Oceanwide Holdings, which has initially established a specialized operating system. It has integrated domestic and foreign specialized investment platforms, with Oceanwide Investment Management Co., Ltd. as the core domestic platform, and China Oceanwide Group Limited and China Oceanwide Holdings Limited as the core foreign platforms.

Oceanwide Holdings' investment platforms, by following the development concept of "in keeping with the trend of the times" and taking the mission of "helping the real economy and boosting the national industry," have continued to enhance their core competitiveness through measures such as improving investment and research capabilities, strengthening project reserves, carrying out targeted investment, and optimizing post-investment management.

In terms of its investment business, Oceanwide Holdings, by adhering to the principle of combining long-term gains with short-term benefits, and independent development with acquisitions and mergers, has made rational use of its resources, optimized well-balanced investment portfolios, and established a sound financing, investment, management and withdrawal process through a market-oriented operation model. It has adhered to a sound, proactive investment strategy, and provided outstanding value-added service capabilities by leveraging its investment platforms.

Additionally, Oceanwide Holdings has actively established a complete capital investment management system, conducted in-depth research on key industries and fields, and built an "Industry Research 2.0" system, focusing investment on areas such as consumption upgrade, innovative real estate, comprehensive health, scientific and technological data, and mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises. By adopting a market-oriented operation model and establishing a scientific, complete investment and decision-making process for financing, investment, management and withdrawal, Oceanwide Holdings is committed to becoming a "specialized investment platform that pools superior resources and boosts national industries in China and even the world."


  • 2017.11

    On November 24 Oceanwide Investment participated in D round financing of Nio deepening its investment layout in the new energy automobile industry.

  • 2017.09

    On September 20 the first USD private equity "Oceanwide Vanguard Fund" with Oceanwide Investment as the consultant was formally established concluding an agreement with WeWork China and making an investment in WeWork China.

  • 2017.07

    On July 18 it completed its investment in BAIC BJEV.

  • 2017.07

    On July 6 Oceanwide Investment participated in C round financing of Nio.

  • 2017.06

    On June 21 Oceanwide Investment made an additional investment in B round financing of BAIC BJEV and established special fund for new energy jointly with Minsheng Trust which deepened the investment layout in the field of new energy vehicles.

  • 2017.06

    On June 6 Oceanwide Investment participated in D round financing of QingCloud to engage in the cloud computing industry promoting internal IT upgrade of China Oceanwide.

  • 2017.05

    On May 3 Oceanwide Investment completed the fund-raising for the Phase I of the first insurance property creditor's right plan of Oceanwide Holdings raising RMB 2.5 billion.

  • 2017.05

    On May 2 the first private equity product "Ningbo Muztak Foundation" of Oceanwide Investment was successfully registered at the Asset Management Association of China.

  • 2017.03

    On March 28 Oceanwide Investment participated in the investment in the establishment of Tianjin Haihe Industry Fund Management Co. Ltd. becoming the third largest shareholder of the company.

  • 2017.02

    On February 15 Oceanwide Investment invested in the first Hong Kong-listed elderly care enterprise-- Pine Care Group through Hong Kong entity beginning its engagement in the field of elderly care.