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Faced with a series of reforms and challenges such as interest and exchange rate marketization, Renminbi internationalization, capital account convertibility and the close linkage between China’s financial industry and the international financial system, and in active response to the overwhelming demands of the huge Chinese savings and wealth and asset management markets, Oceanwide Holdings will accelerate improvements to the financial system make long-term arrangements for the financial industry to give rise to collaboration between different financial businesses through the establishment of a fully-licensed financial system, making finance the centerpiece industry of Oceanwide Holdings.

Oceanwide Holdings used rapid and clear internal integration and external acquisitions as the first steps in building a strong and competitive enterprise infrastructure. Currently, the company is a controlling shareholder of Minsheng Securities, Minsheng Futures, Asia-Pacific Property and Casualty Insurance and Minsheng Trust, and has applied for establishment of the Minsheng Fund, MJS and Minsheng Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. and was the key player in establishing Asia-Pacific Reinsurance and Asia-Pacific Internet Life Insurance . In the future, the company will seek suitable opportunities to obtain financial licenses from banks and life insurance companies, improve the financial framework, and build Oceanwide Holdings into a fully-licensed, market-oriented industry-leading financial holidng company with brand influence, obvious advantages and mixed operations.