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Oceanwide Holdings fully recognizes that in the future, China's financial industry will face a series of systematic challenges such as interest rate liberalization, exchange rate liberalization, renminbi internationalization, capital account convertibility, and tight linkage between China's financial industry and the international financial system. In keeping with the trend of inclusive financial demands by China's huge savings market and wealth accumulation, Oceanwide Holdings has accelerated the improvement of its financial service system and continuously enhanced its intrinsic value.

Oceanwide Holdings' financial business has gained an edge in scale and competition through its systematic layout and integrated optimization. At present, it has held stakes in Minsheng Securities, Minsheng Futures, Asia-Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance, and Minsheng Trust; has wholly funded the establishment of the Minsheng Fund, MJSFax, and Minsheng Financing & Guaranty Co., Ltd.; and has established Asia-Pacific Reinsurance and Asia-Pacific Internet Life Insurance as the main initiator. Oceanwide Holdings will further expand and improve its financial landscape by strengthening its financial platform, extending its financial service chain, perfecting its financial service system, and improving its ability to provide value-added financial services for entities and customers.

In the future, Oceanwide Holdings will follow the development rules of the financial industry, and closely focus on the core tasks of serving the real economy and preventing and controlling financial risks, with a view to effectively integrating domestic and foreign financial resources, maximizing synergies, and achieving harmonious, balanced and rapid development of its financial business.