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In the context of increasingly close economic connections worldwide and the transformation and upgrading of China's economic structure, Chinese enterprises are working to seeking ways of transformation, signaling the continuous maturity of China's socialist market economy.

In the midst of the tide of interconnected, changing market economy, satisfaction with things as they are not an option for any ambitious enterprise in the "survival of the fittest" market environment. On the contrary, a company that is built to last needs to continuously plan for the future based on the reality, which is an essential characteristic of a growing company.

The development of Oceanwide Holdings has benefited externally from China's reform and opening up as well as social concern and support; and internally from aspiring teams at home and abroad, and from our adherence to the core values of "benefiting from society and contributing to society" as well as the operating ideas of "alignment of the goals among the society, the company and individuals; alignment of the responsibilities among the society, the company and individuals; alignment of the interests among the society, the company and individuals." Since 2014, following the strategic goal of "laying a solid foundation in three years and achieving great success in ten years," we have not only promoted industrial progress in real estate, but also expanded our framework of financial and strategic investment services and increased our presence in the world with the help of excellent resources of major shareholders and our basic advantages we have built up through years of development. We are committed to building a comprehensive holding listed company covering finance, real estate, strategic investment and other business, with our business expanding from the single real estate sector to diversified sectors and from the domestic market to overseas markets.

At present, Oceanwide Holdings is at a stage featuring rapid aggregation of advantageous resources, prompt consolidation of superior strengths, and fast enhancement of enterprise values. This golden stage coincides with the period of strategic opportunities brought about by China's all-around in-depth reforms. As a result, our decision-makers and managers need to plan and deploy operations with new strategic insight, mobilize staff's solidarity and creativity, and set up a brand-new strategic goal and advanced systems of business, management, talents, profit-making and risk control, in a bid to push the development trajectory of Oceanwide Holdings to a new high level. It is a key test for Oceanwide Holdings to seek "re-entrepreneurship" as well as a major opportunity for its rapid development.

We are ambitious to accomplish greater results in parallel with current trends. Oceanwide Holdings will strive to achieve balance between immediate and long-term goals, between development and adjustment, between domestic and international business, and between traditional and new economy business. With quality products, excellent services and outstanding performance, Oceanwide Holdings will continue to improve its intrinsic value and social influence, serve our clients, partners, employees and shareholders, and contribute to our society and country.

A new beginning implies new expectations; a new journey indicates new explorations; a new rise heralds new brilliant achievements in the integrated development of Oceanwide Holdings' various business segments, which contribute to the in-depth development of the Chinese socialist market economy!