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Against the background of global economic integration and the transformation and upgrading of China’s economic structure, Chinese enterprises actively seeking the path of transformation, which is an important symbol of the continuously maturing of Chinese socialist market economy.

Confronted with the interconnected, changing and developing market economy, and the entrepreneurial environmental survival of the fittest, ambitious enterprises shall not be content with the current status without attempts to make progress, but shall, on the contrary, continuously plan for the future based on reality, which is an essential characteristic of a long-term growth company.

The development of Oceanwide Holdings arises from reform and openness, social concern and support, progress made by domestic and foreign teams, adherence to the core value of “Benefiting from the society, and contributing for society”, and the operating ideal of “alignments of the goals among the society, the company and individuals; alignment of the responsibilities among the society, the company and individuals; alignment of the interests among the society, the company and individuals”. Since 2014, following the strategic of “laying solid foundation in three years, achieving great success in ten years”, the company has not only promoted existing industrial objectives centered on real estate, but also expanded its framework of financial and investment businesses, and increased business internationalization with the help of advantageous resources of large shareholders and basic advantageous conditions formed after several years’ development. As a result, the company has realized a remarkable transformation and expanded its business from singular real estate to diversified development and from domestic to overseas markets. In 2015, we put forward the strategic to become “a world-class conglomerate with 3 pillars: financial services, industrials and technology”, and comprehensively promote the strategic transformation of Oceanwide Holdings.

At present, Oceanwide Holdings is at a stage of rapid aggregation of advantageous resources, urgently consolidating advantageous strengths. Enhancement of enterprise values and strategic opportunity for all-around in-depth reform requires that the enterprise decision-makers and managers plan and make arrangements with new strategic insight, mobilize and stimulate the solidarity and creativity of the enterprise, form a brand-new strategic objectives and advanced systems of business, management, talent, profit-making and risk control to push the trajectory of Oceanwide Holdings to new heights. It is an important test of “re-entrepreneurship” as well as an important opportunity for rapid enterprise development.

To ride the wind and wave to set sail on this voyage is our pursuit and dream. Conformity to this current trend is our action program, and it is our glorious and sacred mission the next three to five years to promote in-depth interaction and collaboration between finance and industry. Oceanwide Holdings will strive to balance near and long-term objectives, develop and optimize domestic and foreign business, traditional and new-economy businesses. It will continuously enhance inherent values and the social influence of the enterprise, return value to customers, partners, employees and shareholders, and benefit our country and society with quality products, all-round services and excellent performance.

A new beginning implies new expectations; a new journey indicates new exploration; a new rising will inevitably write a new chapter of the in-depth development of the Chinese socialist market economy to foster new and brilliant integrated business development in Oceanwide Holdings!