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Oceanwide Holdings Co., Ltd. ("Oceanwide Holdings") was established in 1989 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1994 with the stock code 000046 and a total share capital of 5,196,200,656 shares. By the end of 2017, the total audited assets of Oceanwide Holdings were RMB187.775 billion, and its net assets were RMB20.069 billion.

Faced with the historic opportunities in the transforming of China's economic structure, Oceanwide Holdings has re-planned its direction of industrial development in rapid response to changes in the macro-economy and industrial market. On the back of its real estate business, Oceanwide Holdings has integrated the business segments that have great growth potential, such as the financial and the strategic investment segments, in an effort to build a comprehensive holding listed company covering finance, real estate, strategic investment and other business.

In the financial field, Oceanwide Holdings is dedicated to building a complete system of financial services covering securities, trust, insurance, futures, funds, asset management and Internet finance, thereby forming a financial layout and business distribution centered on Minsheng Securities, Minsheng Trust and Asia-Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance. In the real estate field, Oceanwide Holdings engages in investment planning & design, development & construction, commercial management and property management services, demonstrating large-scale, comprehensive development abilities of multiple business formats, to have expanded its presence from the first- and second-tier cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan to overseas markets such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York in the United States. In the strategic investment field, Oceanwide Holdings has formed a strategic layout centered on Oceanwide Investment Management Co., Ltd. in China and China Oceanwide Group Limited and China Oceanwide Holdings Limited in the overseas markets, so as to complement and balance its existing business.

In the future, Oceanwide Holdings will effectively serve the real economy with diversified financial services, strengthen risk control capacity building, and speed up the building of an integrated financial service system, driving the rapid growth of enterprise value. Oceanwide Holdings will also strengthen its strategic framework of finance, real estate and power industries, focus more resources and efforts on optimizing existing projects and the investment structure, strictly control the risks of overseas investment, and carefully select investment targets in line with the direction of national policies and business development, so as to ensure rule-based, orderly overseas investment upon prudent decision-making and rational investment.

Following the principle of "fairness, justice and openness," Oceanwide Holdings treats each investor, supplier and partner equally. It strives to comprehensively improve the structure and level of corporate governance. It has been honored several times as "The Highest Investment Value Listed Company" and "The Best Investor Relations Listed Company." Adhering to the corporate values of "benefiting from society and contributing to society," Oceanwide Holdings is committed to promoting harmony between people and environment, fulfilling its requisite corporate social responsibilities, and providing clients with high-quality products and services for better and further development in the future!