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China Oceanwide Makes Generous Donations to Facilitate Community Harmony in San Francisco


“Oceanwide has always valued its long-term partnership with localgovernment, communities and enterprises, in a bid to produce a win-win outcome.Since the Oceanwide Center project commenced, we have listened to opinions ofSan Francisco government, parliament and communities and created more jobopportunities for the local society . We believe the successful development ofthe Oceanwide Center will contribute to the prolonged prosperity in the city,”said Oceanwide Holdings Chairman Lu Zhiqiang at the groundbreaking ceremony ofthe project in San Francisco, United States on December 8, 2016. As a matter offact, since the start of the project, Oceanwide has carried out a variety of activitiesthat are conducive to community bonds under the guidance of such philosophy.

In 2016, Oceanwide Holdings’ branch in San Francisco has madedonations of USD40,000 to nonprofit organizations in local communities,including Museum of African Diaspora, MO MAGIC, At the Crossroads and UnitedPlayaz. The money has been used to protect women, children and the homeless,curb juvenile delinquency, spread history and culture, and promote otherpublic-spirited causes within their community.

In addition to the benefits that will come along with the project suchas urban function improvement, job opportunity creation and increase in taxincome, Oceanwide Holdings is well poised to work hard for the public interestof the city. To this end, it has made special payments to fund the city’sphilanthropic projects and public welfare programs. These expenditures will beused to build and maintain parks and other open spaces, child careinstitutions, and street facilities, for the purpose of upgradinginfrastructure such as public transportation and helping solve social issues. Asa result of these efforts, local communities could gain a better understandingof Oceanwide and establish sound ties with it.

The Oceanwide Center project in San Francisco is the secondcommercial real estate project Oceanwide Holdings has launched in the US,covering an area of some 5,600 square meters. It comprises two newly-built signaturebuildings and two historical buildings, with a total construction area ofaround 224,000 square meters. Once completed, one of the towers will become thesecond tallest building in San Francisco. It is expected to change the layoutof downtown San Francisco and inject more vigor and prosperity to the area.