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Oceanwide Holdings Wins the "Most Respected Company" Award


The 2016-2017 Annual Meeting of the Most Respected Companies of China, themed on "Mission Leads the Future," was held in the Rulun Lecture Hall of Renmin University of China on November 28. At this annual meeting, Oceanwide Holdings won the "Most Respected Company of China" award for the third time in a row.

In recent years, Oceanwide Holdings, by upholding the values of "benefiting from society and contributing to society," and following the development concept of "in keeping with the trend of the times," has strived to make its industrial structure more rational, balance its business structure, expand its size of assets, and increase its operating profits through strategic transformation. From green building that emphasizes environmental protection and energy conservation to inclusive finance that supports the development of the real economy, and from strategic investment that focuses on the emerging future to the industrial poverty alleviation that exerts its own advantages, Oceanwide Holdings has set the example as a generous and responsible enterprise by fulfilling its values and practical actions.

In the area of social responsibility, Oceanwide Holdings, with persistence in its consistent concept of growth, has formed a complete financial service system by building a number of platforms in order to effectively serve the real economy. Oceanwide Holdings, with focus on industries that are in line with the future development direction of the country's industries and have good growth prospects, has driven the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese economy through strategic investment. Relying on its own advantages, Oceanwide Holdings has promoted the economic development of backward regions through targeted poverty alleviation.

As Wen Zhao, Chief Editor of The Economic Observer, said at the annual meeting, "Enterprises, no matter state-owned or private, no matter local brands or foreign-invested brands, are practitioners of innovation, creators of wealth, and successors and constructors of commercial civilization. They have a strong sense of mission and responsibility and clear values. No matter what areas they are engaged in and what they do, they reflect the same spiritual qualities."

The selection of "The Most Respected Companies of China" has been organized by The Economic Observer for 16 years. The companies are comprehensively evaluated based on the five key indexes of industry leadership, innovative competitiveness, sustainable development, environmental friendliness and charity through rigorous examination and voting, thereby selecting the Most Respected Companies of China of a year.