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China Minsheng Trust awarded the highest rating in the industry -- Class A Trust Company - for three consecutive years


Recently, China Minsheng Trust Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Minsheng Trust") received the Notice of the China Trustee Association on the Preliminary Evaluation Results of the Industry Rating of Trust Companies in 2018, and was again awarded as a Class A trust company. This is the third consecutive year that Minsheng Trust has won the highest rating in the trust industry.

Since the resumption of its business in April 2013, Minsheng Trust has maintained steady and rapid development and continuously improved its active management ability. It has made in-depth layout in the five major fields of wealth, investment, investment banking, asset management and financing, with the scale of active management accounting for nearly 80%, ranking among the top in the industry. Over the past six years, Minsheng Trust has distributed over RMB40 billion of trust income, creating rich investment returns for high net worth individuals and institutional investors while refreshing the industry's development speed.

In the future, Minsheng Trust will continue to position itself as an industry Class A trust company, adhere to the development goal of building an "investment banking management-oriented" financial institution, and focus on two tasks of transformation and innovation and risk management. Minsheng Trust will continue to consolidate its business strength, develop its own differentiated development path, and earnestly fulfill its corporate social responsibility, so as to create more value for investors and society, and make greater contributions to the innovative development of China's trust industry and even the financial industry.

The industry rating of trust companies is the comprehensive evaluation of trust companies annually organized by the China Trustee Association from the perspective of industry. According to the Guidelines on Industry Rating of Trust Companies (Trial), this rating divides trust companies into three classes: A (85 [inclusive] - 100 points), B (70 [inclusive] - 85 points), and C (below 70 points).