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Real estate is Oceanwide Holdings' traditional pillar business. Over the past 20+ years since its initial development, Oceanwide Holdings has formed a real estate development and operation model integrating planning & design, development & construction, commercial management and property management services. It has extended its reach into core areas of more than 10 key cities including Beijing, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Shenzhen in China, as well as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hawaii overseas. Its real estate products include residential buildings, apartments, hotels, office buildings, and large complexes. The representative projects include Beijing Oceanwide International Residential Area, Wuhan Central Business District, Hangzhou Minsheng Financial Center, and other quality benchmarking projects.

Oceanwide Holdings has sufficient, cost-effective land reserves at home and abroad, with abundant product types and outstanding brand effect. The value of projects has continued to be released at a faster pace. Oceanwide Holdings' overseas real estate business has begun to make a presence on a large scale, with broad prospects for development.

Oceanwide Holdings has adhered to the resident-friendly properties of housing, and steadily advanced the reserve, development and sales of real estate projects. It has strengthened the prospective analysis of policies and the market and made plans in advance. It has also continued to explore the interactive cooperation between its real estate development, real estate management, finance and strategic investment segments, in order to form a three-sphere integrated business model of development & construction, operation management, and investment management.

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