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Premier Li Keqiang Visits Wuhan CBD to Investigate the Construction of Comprehensive Underground Pipe Gallery


On the morning of May24, Li Keqiang, the Premier of the State Council conducted an on-siteinvestigation in Wuhan CBD underground pipe gallery invested and built by Oceanwide Holdings. Premier Li Keqiang fully recognized the outstanding achievements made in the development and construction of Wuhan CBD with the attracted social investment, and stressed that the development of undergroundpipe gallery was an important initiative to enhance the urban quality withgreat benefits for future generations; the underground pipe gallery projectshould be greatly developed, and the city’s underground space should beeffectively expanded, in order to prevent random excavation for repair in thecity. Premier Li Keqiang said that the Chinese cities were full of high-risebuildings with good momentum, but they fell far behind with developed countriesin terms of the depth and width of underground space utilization. The underground space was an important part of the city with huge potential resources, and we should make full use of those resources to expand new spaceand rebuild Wuhan into a new city.

Leaders such as the Hubei Provincial Party Secretary Li Hongzhong, Provincial Governor Wang Guosheng, member of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Wuhan Municipal Party Secretary Ruan Chengfa, Mayor WanYong and other leaders accompanied Premier Li in the investigation. Wuhan CBDunderground pipe gallery is 6,079m long, of which the section invested and constructedby Oceanwide is 4,499m long. It is the first comprehensive underground pipegallery put into use in Central China.