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Formerly known as China International Travel Trust and Investment Co., Ltd., China Minsheng Trust Co., Ltd. was established in 1994. The company completed the restructuring and re-registration on April 16, 2013, and was resumed for business on April 28. At present, the company has a registered capital of RMB 7 billion; its main shareholders Wuhan CBD Investment & Development Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Oceanwide Construction Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tourism Group respectively hold 82.7071%, 10.7143% and 6.4286% shares.

Since its resumption of business, Minsheng Trust focuses on the active management business in compliance with supervision guidance and strategic requirements of the Board of Directors, realizes stable business development following the strategy of "high-quality clients and projects," expands the strategic cooperation with domestic leading enterprises, and details the substantive cooperation with intermediary enterprises. The company emphasizes professional, routine and transparent operations on the basis of establishment of systematic and complete risk control system, realizes transformation and development towards the market positioning of "investment, financing, investment bank, asset management and wealth," and strives to make great progress in terms of capital, asset, structure, income, profit, team, specialty, characteristic, culture and brand, and become an outstanding large-scale financial institution that manages investment banks.

After four years' development, Minsheng Trust ranked among Top Ten in the industry in terms of core indexes such as revenue, profit and ROE by the end of 2017. The net profits amounted to RMB 11.05 billion, the trust under management was RMB 200.1 billion and the actively managed assets reached RMB 151.5 billion, accounting for 76% of the total assets.